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HL7 ---health level 7

HL 7 messaging converted to xml

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA)

HIPAA standardize specific transaction numbers for transaction

1) Supporting Healthcare EDI Standards (X12 & HL7)

DataDirect XML Converters provide robust support for X12 electronic data interchange (EDI) and Health Level Seven (HL7) clinical and administrative healthcare data standards. Healthcare payers and providers use DataDirect XML Converters to help expedite the following scenarios and deliver timely and effective patient care:

§ Benefit enrollment and maintenance

§ Coverage eligibility and core authorizations

§ Claims submissions and status inquiries

§ Claims payment and notifications

§ Clinical care management

We’ve created two new tutorials to get you started quickly with these standards.

§ Converting from HL7 2.x to 3.x

§ Translating X12 documents to XML

2) Using XQuery with MySQL

Users with MySQL database deployments can now take advantage of all the benefits of DataDirect's XQuery engine. That means that finally MySQL users have access to a standard way (XQuery) to get access to their data as XML.

To see how all this works, and how MySQL users can take advantage of this opportunity, we have created a few examples on our web site; see how easy it is to use XQuery to:

§ Extract data from MySQL as XML

§ Aggregate it with XML documents or EDI documents

§ Update your MySQL data

3) XML-based Data Services Workshop

This spring we'll be bringing you Building Data Services Providing Access to Heterogeneous Data Sources – a workshop where we'll be writing, testing and deploying a solution for a typical data services scenario using XML and XQuery. The workshop covers:

§ Transforming XML documents into user-defined formats

§ Aggregating XML documents with relational data

§ Consuming Web services in XQuery

§ Exposing XQuery as data services

§ Integrating with non-XML B2B standards, like EDI

§ Adhering to XML industry standards, such as ACORD for insurance

Order Series (ORD )(810 invoice ,832sales,850PO,855PO ackaledge,

856 ship notice,

865 POchange ,

857 shipment notice,

880 gracery pruduct invoice ,

865 po change ,

881 Mfg coopen,881

Tax Services Series (TAX (from 150 ---

Materials Handling Series (MAT)511 requisition,517 merial validation,527 material due in and receipt ,843 req,res quotation

845 price status 847 material cliaims,851 asset schedule ,893 item info req

Tax Services Series (TAX)

149 notice on tax ,151,152 Statistical Government Information ,

155 business credit report ,

157notice to power attorney ,

170 Revenue Receipts Statement ,521

813 electonic filling of tax return data

826 Tax Information Exchange

Warehousing Series (WAR)

883 Market Development Fund Allocation,

884 Market Development Fund Settlement,

886 Customer Call Reporting ,

891 Deduction Research Report

945 Warehouse Shipping Advice

947 Warehouse Inventory Adjustment Advice

943 Warehouse Stock Transfer Shipment Advice

944 Warehouse Stock Transfer Receipt Advice

Financial Series (FIN)

810 invoice

248 account assignment

812 credit /debit adjustment

818 Commission Sales Report

819 Operating Expense Statement

820 PO

822 Account Analysis

821 Financial Information Reporting

859 Freight Invoice

823 Lockbox

824 Application Advice

827 Financial Return Notice

828 Debit Authorization

Government Series (GOV)

150 Tax Rate Notification

151 Electronic Filing of Tax Return Data Acknowledgment

152 152 Statistical Government Information

153 Uniform Commercial Code Filing

176 Court Submission

208 voter reg info

Manufacturing Series (MAN)


Delivery Series (DEL)

219,220,222 for logistics, 862 shipping schedule

882 direct store

Insurance/Health Series (INS)

100 Insurance Plan Description

112 Property Damage Report

148 Report of Injury, Illness or Incident

186 Insurance Underwriting Requirements Reporting

252 Insurance Producer Administration

252 Underwriting Information Services

268 Annuity Activity

267 Individual Life, Annuity and Disability Application

270 Eligibility, Coverage or Benefit Inquiry

274 Health Care Provider Information

272 Property and Casualty Loss Notification

273 Insurance/Annuity Application Status

276 Health Care Claim Status Request

275 Patient Information

837 Health Care Claim

288 Wage Determination

500 Medical Event Reporting

277 Health Care Claim Status Notification

820 Premium Payments

925 Claim Tracer

928 Automotive Inspection Detail

924 Loss or Damage Claim - Motor Vehicle

Miscellaneous ANSI X12 Transactions Series (MIS)

101 Name and Address Lists

997 Functional Acknowledgment

868 Electronic Form Structure



ASC X12 (also known as ANSI ASC X12) is the official designation of the U.S. national standards body for the development and maintenance of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) standards. The group was founded in 1979, and is an accredited standards committee under the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). The acronym stands for "American National Standards Institute Accredited Standards Committee X12", with the designation of X12 being a sequential designator assigned by ANSI at the time of accreditation with no other significance.

ASC X12 has sponsored more than 315 X12-based EDI standards and a growing collection of X12 XML schemas for health care, insurance, government, transportation, finance, and many other industries. ASC X12's membership includes 3,000+ standards experts representing over 350 companies from multiple business domains.

HL7 Messaging System

With every passing day, the market pressure to be a "Real-time Enterprise" is building slowly but surely on the Healthcare Organizations (HCO). This is in addition to the governmental regulation compliance on patient privacy, decreased government reimbursement for the services provided and ever-presentcompetition in the healthcare markets to take away the market share of an HCO. With the access to the information becoming, "anytime, anywhere" via the internet, the patients will start expecting personalized real-time access to their health information to make better decisions about their health and healthcare purchases.

Our technology meet today's HCO challenges

To meet these challenges, an HCO has to be agile and nimble with the ability to respond quickly to the changes to improve the patient care while reducing the cost. This requires that the HCO's information systems be integrated to provide the right information to the right provider on time. Many of HCOs today use the industry standard Health Level 7 (HL7) and X12 messaging mechanism to exchange patient care information among various systems used in the organization.

Though HL7 is supposed to be an industry-standard, the variations and the customizations on the HL7 message definitions do not make the implementation of HL7 any easier. Combine that with HL7 version difference between different HCO's that need to share information about patient registration, admission, discharge, transfers, orders and results for laboratory tests, it does get very complicated rather quickly.

eTransX' HL7 messaging easy implementation solution

eTransX' HL7 messaging solution makes it easier to solve this problem. With a point-and-click data mapping and XML schema based HL7 messages with its guaranteed delivery on the HL7/X12 transactions, it takes the difficulties associated with customized HL7 messaging and version difference out of an HCO. It allows an HCO to implement a full-blown HL7 messaging system out-of-the-box, in a very short time with absolutely no programming. This reduces the cost and improves the information sharing which results in a better patient care for the HCO.

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